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The Museum is located within Ministry of Defence (MOD) site at RAF Henlow, Bedfordshire, SG16 6DN.  Telephone: 01462 851515 extn. 7997 on Open Days. This contact number is also available most Tuesdays from 10:00 until 17:00.

Public Open Days are held the first Saturday in each month except January.  

The MOD has put ‘Special Measures’ in place during this COVID-19 pandemic to protect serving military personnel, MOD staff, contractors, volunteers such as those who run the Museum and importantly visitors like you.  If you visit The Museum you will be required to follow these Special Measures detailed below.

The Special Measures are:-

1. All Museum visitors must be pre-booked so that they can be allocated to a specific visiting time, see 11 below.

2. Every visitor must bring Official photographic ID for visitor pass issue at the Guardroom.  A Passport, Photographic Driving Licence or an over 60s Bus Pass is acceptable.

3. Visitors must be over 14 years old.

4. Visitors must be able to legitimately complete a Covid-19 Self Declaration form such as the attached.  This will be presented to them as they enter Museum (Building 104) and need to be completed prior to commencing the visit.  They will also be shown the Museum MOD Risk Assessment form that requires the need for the Covid-19 Self Declaration form and the fact it will be held in paper form at  The Museum for 3 years.  If your visit is a Group, or “Bubble” just one Covid-19 Self Declaration can be submitted so long as the Declaration is valid for all those attending.

5. To assist with any consequential Covid-19 ‘Track and Trace’ by civilian, or military, authorities it is important that the submitted Covid-19 Self Declaration form includes a contact telephone number.

6. All visitors must arrive with and use a face mask covering their mouth and nose for the duration of the time they are in the Museum building or the Guardroom.

7. No person who is medically vulnerable or should be shielding will be permitted to visit Museum.  A non-invasive check may be made of a visitor’s temperature if there is doubt concerning their state of health.

8. Visitors are not permitted to touch the equipment but should ask Museum staff for assistance or information if they wish a closer look.  [Museum staff will be wearing a full face visor and gloves and are also subject to the same Special Measures as visitors.]

9. In order to comply with 2m social distancing rules a single route through the Museum will be indicated by floor or wall signs and must be followed by all visitors.

10. The time permitted for visits will be limited to 1 hour.  Each session will have no more than 16 visitors.

11. Session times are: 10:30; 12:00; 13:30; 15:00

12. Toilet and hand washing facilities will be available for single concurrent use.

Please let us know by return, the date (first Saturday in the month except January) you wish to visit The Museum and your first and second choice of session time (see para 11) so that you can be allocated a time.  The time will be emailed back to you.  Please be sure to arrive by your allocated session time, whilst also allowing time for the Guardroom booking in procedures.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Entry to The Museum is free however a donation box will be available at the exit of the building.

Signals Museum RAF Henlow,  Booking Officer

Booking by email only

Telephone bookings cannot be accepted

Thank you for your interest in the Signals Museum at

RAF Henlow and your enquiry about visiting

Terms and Conditions before visiting the Signals Museum at RAF Henlow