Receiver Type R1116A                         

WWI wave meter and Stirling Spark transmitter                

               Receiver type R1084

         Marconi SWB8E 3.5 Kw HF Transmitter         (part renovated)

Transmitter Type T77  - MW/LW   Bands                           

 Luftwaffe VHF Transceiver Type FUG16    

1920s Marconi Half Kilowatt Transmitter          

    SWB8E Final Multiplier Stage after renovation

AN/APN-4  LORAN Navigational Equipment


SWB8E PA Compartment after renovation


A Selection of the Equipment in the Museum

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Receiver Type TF and Transmitter Type 21

Transmitter/Receiver Type TR9J

      Receiver type 88 (R1475) Morse Key Type D and Control Unit CU310

Marconi HR24 Dual Diversity Receiver  (part renovated)



Transmitter Type T1509  300W HF

IFF Transponder Type R3121

Transmitter Type T 1083  Receiver Type R 1082


Control station for T1509 with R1475, CU310, Key Type D

American Single Channel VHF Transmitter Type BC640   

SWB8E Driver Stage Tuned Circuit under renovation       

SWB8E Multiplier Stage before renovation

RACAL HF Receiver Type RA1772                                 

             H2S Blind Bombing Radar System

American SCR522 ( TR1558A) and TR1143

Part of the collection of Test Equipment

A manual Telephone Switchboard

originally used at RAF Shawbury

General view of museum main floor showing a selection of Air/Sea Rescue equipment in the foreground with the collection of large transmitters immediately behind

The Ground Transmitters - L to R - T1509, T1131, SWB8E, T77. BC640 extreme right  side

       A View of the Y Service Display